Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going Potty Together

February 19, 2011

I set an intention as I went to bed, and asked this question. "How do I love myself enough to extend that love to others".


My family and i are going to visit friends, they live in a building with lots of floors and apartments, (like in NYC), we were driving and arrived 30 minutes earlier, we want to stay with them but they had told us that they lived in a very small apartment. We were fine with this. As we are sitting there waiting (we didnt want to show up too early) i am needing to go to the bathroom, i realized i cant hold it, so i decide to call my friend to see if i could come up, so i can use her restroom. She said ok, and my family stays in the car. As i walk to the front of her building, there are people outside hanging out, i remember being careful as i walked to avoid some cracks on the sidewalk. I enter the building, her husband opens the door, he was in the middle of exercising, and the apartment was huge, room after room, there were two ways i could enter the apartment, i chose one way, a large room used as storage, but i wasnt able to go through it because there was another door blocking the entrance, i could squeeze through but i decide no to, my friends husbands finally comes back and tells me to follow him, and to go “this way”, the right entrance to their home. He shows me where their bathroom is, and his little girl follows me and she needs to go also, we realized there are two toilets, so i removed her diaper and set her on the toilet and then i go in the other, as i sit there, i notice that the toilet is made out of plastic, and parts of it start breaking off, i quickly finished and got up, the little girl is also done, the dream ends while i am standing there wondering what to do about the half broken plastic toilet. End of Dream

Feeling in the dream: I seemed annoyed when i realized her apartment was huge, and i saw so many places where my family and i could sleep.
I wasn’t worried about the toilet breaking, i just thought to myself, why would anyone own a plastic toilet.

I welcome any insights or comments.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Backing up, Mutant Panda Monsters and Torn Drum"

Sometime at the end of January 2011

Dream 1 of 3

"Backing up"

I was at H's house it seemed like she lived in a log cabin in the middle of the woods.  (H is an old female friend who I have recently reconected with and I have been a little sad that she seems beaten up by life and has become a negative person). I was at her house Skyping and speaking and connecting with my extended family, H was being negative again and so I decide to leave.  The ground is covered in snow and I am driving an SUV.  I look around and see my family is in the vehicle with me. I remember asking my husband if we should change vehicles when we get to the midpoint.  I thought maybe a smaller tractor/jeep-like vehicle would make it easier for us to get home in this snow. But then I thought, "That doesn't make sense because the jeep has no top, and we would be exposed and have no shelter from the harsh weather". We arrive at a bridge and it seems like this may be the mid-point. I see a pick-up truck which seems like an overall good vehicle for us to switch to, but I see that the tailgate is almost hanging off the edge of a cliff.  There is a tree between the bed and the cab of the truck. I try to climb around it so I can get in, start the truck and back it up so my family can get in, (This is when i realized that the front of the vehicle is actually the part that is hanging off the cliff, and backing it up will save the vehicle) but my family are already following my steps, the unsafe way.  I worry that they might fall. EOD

Dream 2 of 3

"Mutant Panda Monsters"

I was in my home and there were lots of people there.  It seemed pretty normal.  I was talking to my husband and he started making fun of what I was saying.  He wasn't taking me seriously. I yelled at him and went to my home office to cry.  The ceiling of my office was made of glass, and so I can see the beautiful sky above me. I suddenly saw mutated Panda bears walking on the glass ceiling, he was walking on his hind legs like a human, they were not cute and cuddly but instead had viscious teeth and they wanted to come in.  I felt horrified. 
All the humans in the house gathered together in order to come up with a plan.  A tall African man dressed in his native robe, appeared and we let him in, he shook each of our hands, and it seemed really important that he did this, like it was a protective field or something.  He then proceeded to explain what those things were out there. He said they didn't come around dogs, so if we took our dogs outside we would be safe to go outside. Also, there was a horn, like a tornado warning kind of alarm, that would sound, to let us know that it was safe to go outside. EOD

Dream 3 of 3

"Torn Drum"

I dreamt about my uncle W (who passed away in 2009).  He was teaching me how to play the drums. I saw myself banging on the drums, and noticed a small tear in the middle of the drum, I didn't say anything and just kept playing it.  EOD

Feeling upon waking.  With the first dream, I felt very responsible for my family's safety. I could feel the snow and the cold weather.  In the second dream, I felt frightened, it felt like a major shift and change in the way we will live our lives from now on.  In the third dream, I felt strange about the tear in the drum but was happy to see my uncle again.

Insights welcomed!!!