Thursday, December 3, 2015

Seeing the Dream come to Life

Summer 2013
Sherry and I are in Italy, cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings. We are in a narrow street riding bicycles. The color red was very present, either our bikes are red or the high heels Sherry is wearing are red. We have on pretty spring dresses. We start riding up a hill and Sherry is having trouble with the pedals of the bicycle. I stop to help her and as soon as I reach her, she gets it and takes off. I am struggling to start biking in the middle of the hill. We finally have a groove going and Sherry's heels get stuck in the pedals, she stops again. I see her and stop to go help her, again she gets it and takes off. I am left trying to start riding up a hill. This happens one last time before I tell myself to just keep going, she will get it. EOD

Thoughts upon waking:
It's funny how I stopped every time to help her and she would get it and then it was extremely difficult for me to start up again. Never once did she ask for my help, but I felt like it was my job to help her. This to me feels like my coaching and also family members that I run to go help even when they don't ask for it.

Sherry and I are on our "Coming Home to Myself" retreat at Red Mountain Spa. We booked a bike ride with the center. We have two guides and there are about 12 of us. It's a 6 mile bike up a slow grade hill. No biggie, right? We were both up for the challenge. I should let you know, that Sherry had just flown in the night before from sea level - Connecticut to Utah, Elevation 3074 Feet. So we take off on our bikes. It feels great. A slow grade comes up, I start  pedaling faster and faster to get up that hill, I made it. We stopped, where's Sherry? Oh no, my DREAM. Here she comes. I asked her if she was ok, she said yes, but feels like this may be to hard for her right now. We go again, same thing, I start pedaling faster to get up the next hill, I wonder if I should stop and wait for her, I should be a good friend, right? Maybe words of encouragement would help, should I stay back and ride slow with her, but then I wont be able to get up the hill. I realize I am feeling guilty for leaving her behind. I speak to Sherry at one of our stops and tell her this feels like my dream, I tell her I want to stop and ride slow with her and she says to go at my pace, if my pace is faster then I should honor that pace. For her, slow and steady is her pace. Ok, I feel good we spoke, now to honor my pace and allow others to do the same. Phew, what a relief. We finally made it to our destination, a beautiful art town with a Labyrinth that was so amazing it will be forever be in my heart. 

Thoughts after the ride:
If it wasn't for my dream, I think I would have stopped every time to help my friend. It is my nature to do so. The dream felt so real as I watched the bike ride happening that it was easy to remember the message from that dream. You never know when your dream will manifest right in front of your eyes!

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