Sunday, February 13, 2011


My name is Glory Nelson, and I have created this blog in order to record my dreams and synchronicities.  I live my life paying attention to the everyday whispers of the Universe.  I have found that when I document it all, I am able to see the intricate design of life, of my life.  I am writing this all down, in hopes that maybe I can teach this method to those who want to live their dreams and allow the flow of life to be present in their day to day lives.

I invite you to come along on this journey with me.

Comments are welcomed especially if you are a dreamer and would like to offer insights on any dream and/or synchronicities. 

*Disclaimer : I encourage you to use the "if this were my dream/synchronicity", phrase when leaving comments about dreams and/or synchronicities. This allows you to offer insights while respecting the dreamers dream.  We want to offer insights instead of telling the dreamer what their dream means, since there are so many layers, meanings and symbols to a dream. I believe only the dreamer has the authority to claim the meaning of their own dream/synchronicity.

Lets dream together, share, and have fun.