Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Aunt's Message From The Other Side

Recently I had a series of warning dreams.  These were not terrifying dreams, they were sweet, light and fun. Though the messages were about birthdays and gifts, the seriousness of my relationship with my mother was hanging by a thread.  Here are the events and dream in chronological order.

Had a falling out with my mother in Dec. 2013

Mother’s Birthday  1/9/14

My aunt Blanca (mother’s sister) passed away 2/7/14 
Blanca means "white" in spanish

Dream 2/16/14 -I am with my mother at a party store. We were looking for a card and balloons. I don’t remember for whom but I remember picking some cards with Spanish texts. We started remembering my aunt Blanca who passed away recently. 

Dream 2/27/14 - I am standing outside and a white butterfly flies around my face. It is beautiful. It starts caressing my face. I remember closing my eyes to enjoy the experience and feel the love. Upon waking I remember that my culture believes that when a white butterfly (my aunt's name is white) appears it is a sign of a loved one who has passed saying hello.

Real Life 2/27/14- Spiritual Retreat to Red Mountain Spa where the Mother energy was so strong I could not deny it. I had a beautiful experience while walking a labyrinth.  The energy of Mother Mary, Mother Earth and all mothers, sisters, grandmothers and aunts living and dead appeared. The sacrifices, the hurt, the birthing, the wounds, the tenderness, the love, the beauty of a mother brought me to tears. I had a bit of a falling out with my mother and this made me realize that I was being petty and silly towards my mother. A healing and forgiveness took place that day.

Dream 3/1/14 - I am at my aunt’s house.  I am scrubbing her porch area and hosing it down. I wonder where the other kids are, her grandkids and my cousins. I am going through drawers. I have to choose what to keep, donate or throw away, then I can give it to my mom so she can do the same.  I find party favors, plates and a present. The present is a doll still in the package. It’s Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Real LIfe 3/7/14 - At my computer, thinking about my mother, since today she is having a one-month memorial service for my Aunt. I wonder how it's going. Just then, my mother's High School portrait that I have on my shelve, falls to the ground. I laugh, and say out loud, "Ok, I will call my mom and find out how she's doing". I call right away and joke with my mom about how her sister insists I call her. At that moment my mother was placing my aunt's photos on frames to give to those attending the service. I couldn't believe it. I have to hand it to my aunt, she knows how to get my attention. 

WARNING/MESSAGE RECEIVED:  I never gave my mother a present or a card for her birthday back in January because it was a really busy time in my life. Now after the party themes, I realized that my aunt Blanca (which means white), was trying to get my attention. I think she wanted me to acknowledge my mother’s birthday. I asked why the doll? Out of all the princesses, Belle was in the package… Aha, my daughters call my mom, Bela, which means beauty and so does Belle. I knew this was definitely about my mom. A week later my mother called, she too had been dreaming with my aunt. My mother felt like my aunt was trying to tell her something so I pulled some tarot cards to help her out. I pulled the Moon, which is my own personal card, so I knew the message had to do with me. The next card was the 6 of pentacles, which for me felt like I had to share the messages I received from The Labyrinth walk, the dreams and apologize to my mother. 

Sometimes we get sweet fun messages before the terrifying ones. My aunt was there to help me mend my relationship with my mother before it was too late. I finally got her a gift and a card as per my aunt’s request. I feel very blessed to have loved ones on the other side guiding me through some tough times. 

I believe that it is important to reach out to those you have warning dreams about. I personally think that even a small note or text may make a difference. I usually say something like, "Hey, had a dream about you, how's it going"? Sometimes we don't really know what the message really is or who the people are from the dream and when this happens for me, I will usually ask for another dream, pull some tarot cards or simply go into a meditation and ask for a clearer message. These techniques are useful in also knowing how much I should say after a pre-cog or warning dream.