Monday, April 30, 2012

5 of Cups- Perspective

Hello Everyone,

I haven't been blogging all my dreams like I had wanted to. Life gets busy and my dream journal seemed more accessible.  But this synchronicity seems worthy of sharing.

I have a deck of tarot cards which I use regularly and for the past month I have been missing a card. Don't really care which it is but I am really hoping I haven't lost it forever. I continued using my deck. Yesterday the 5 of cups appears on my nightstand, my deck is in my office so I immediately go and count my deck to make sure I didn't misplace another card. Sure enough the 5 of cups was the card missing from my deck. Hmm. I say to myself, what does the 5 of cups symbolize for me? Well, "Perspective"!  Have I been missing perspective???? I have had some difficult situations come up this past month, have I not seen all sides? Have I been like the cloaked figure and have only seen my side of things? Possibly. Then I read my "Science of Mind", which is a magazine I receive every month and in it are daily guides. Today's message... "Divine Perspective". Really? It goes on to say how we need to have a Divine Perspective, a higher view in order to see the bigger and broad picture. This higher perspective brings Freedom. I am also reminded that when looking deeper at my situations especially where others are involved, I can have compassion instead of judgment.

I love what this synchronicity is teaching me! Yes, I have lost sight of the bigger picture. I needed to be reminded of Divine Perspective and to have compassion for those involved including myself.

Thank you 5 of Cups and Science of Mind.

Love Glory