Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When life get's tough, we retreat...but do we have to???

The word RETREAT has a few meanings. I want to talk about two of them....retreating and hiding behind closed doors because things are so overwhelming AND going on a retreat to get a new perspective with what is causing stress and an unbalanced life. 

It is easy to hide when things get tough. I know that our judgment and ability to make decisions suffer when life is stressful but here are a few tips to help you get through....

1. When feelings of stress arise...Stop, breathe and hum a song in your head. It is easier if you choose your de-stressing song beforehand. Choose something that brings a smile to your face or has a fun memory attached to it.

2.  Take a few minutes a day to find three things you are grateful for. I set an alarm to remind me. There is no room for much else when we are in a place of gratitude.

3. Make your bedtime routine, "Me Time". Take a warm bath, read a book, stretch, or meditate. When doing this be mindful and pay attention to the feelings that arise. You may feel relief, joy or love. The more we feel this, the more we want to feel this at every waking moment. This is our true nature, be gentle, baby steps.  

Going on retreat gives us the opportunity to care for ourselves for a longer period of time. It is about remembering that we are strong, it is about remembering that we can do anything, it is remembering that we are intuitive, passionate and a Goddess! It allows us to see the highest perspective to any problem or issues that we are currently facing. It is about healing and loving ourselves even when things seem to be falling apart. It is essential because when we return we will be ready for anything.

So YES, we retreat because we have to. We retreat because it is an accelerated process. So let's retreat with other women, not in our bathroom alone. Retreat with women who will hold your hand, love you and tell you that you are worth it, beautiful, powerful and that YOU GOT THIS!

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